About me

I'm Steve and I like to go for exploratory strolls with a camera, mostly in London, where I live, but in other places too whenever I get the chance.

I'm not an enormously well-travelled person by many standards, but I'm working hard to catch up on that, these days.

Here's a photos-on-map mashup of where I've been (or at least where I've got photos of on flickr) so far...

Favourite targets for strolling include:

  • rivers, canals, lakes, seashores and water in general;
  • parks, heaths, commons and grasslands in general;
  • trees, forests, and woodland in general;
  • castles, cathedrals, skyscrapers and architecture in general;
  • bridges, tunnels, railways and infrastructure in general.

I have made this blog to document some of these strolls. It may or very well may not be interesting to anyone other than me.

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