Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hello world

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Hello world.

I'm Steve and I like to go for exploratory strolls with a camera, mostly in London, where I live, but in other places too whenever I get the chance.

I have made this blog to document some of these strolls.  It may or very well may not be interesting to anyone other than me.

Favourite targets for strolling include: rivers, canals, lakes, seashores and water in general; parks, heaths, commons and grasslands in general; bridges, tunnels, railways, infrastructure in general; trees, forests, and woodland in general; skyscrapers, castles, architecture in general.

A few of my ongoing 'projects' are to photograph every bridge on the tidal Thames (Teddington Lock to the sea); to walk major tributaries such as the Wandle, Brent and Lee, and canals such as the Grand Union and Regent's; to explore London's huge array of parks and green spaces, large and small, famous and lesser-known; to make a timelapse film of London's public transport network; and to observe, with the fine folks of SkyscraperCity, the tall buildings adding to London's ever-changing skyline.

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